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Emergencies happen out on the water and getting help, or having it come to you, can become a life-threatening challenge.  To help mariners when they need it most, we are developing an initiative called Yachting’s Best | Emergency Services.

The goal for this initiative is to give back to the community by offering our tools developed for Yachtingsbest.com as a free public resource for any mariner that wants to access or contribute emergency services information.

Through Yachting’s Best | Emergency Services, mariners will be able to document emergency services (hospitals, clinics, AED locations, Coast Guard Stations, tow services and more) and how to access them from the water.

We’re thrilled to offer this free service and hope it will help mariners quickly find the emergency help they need when every second counts.

Yachting’s Best | Emergency Services is currently in development and gathering data. We feel very fortunate to be supported by The Vancouver Boat Show in the development of this initiative.

This is something we’ve been wanting to green light for the better part of a year and it has been (and will continue to be) a huge undertaking.  Thank you everyone in the Yachting’s Best family for all your hard work and contributions to this valuable resource!

We are looking for more corporate sponsors to help us fund what we hope will be a program that has a significant positive impact on the entire marine community.  For sponsorship related information, please click here.


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