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The Yachting’s Best Marine Conservation Portal (MCP) is a platform, built using technology, that allows organisations and individuals to share conservation information with recreational mariners.  It’s map based, works anywhere in the world and is 100% free. Conservation is our way of giving back to the community and hopefully making a dramatic difference in conservation area awareness and protection.  We are extremely grateful for the support of our partners in this venture: B.C. Cetacean Sightings Network, Icebreaker Merino, Pacific Yachting, AHOY BC and Canadian Boat Shows.


Create Spots and assure boaters see them with pins and polygons.

Submitters can drop pins or draw out areas using polygons. Polygons will be particularly effective as boundaries are displayed with complete location accuracy of the area to be protected. Mariners can then compare their current location with the conservation area directly on the map to assure they respect the area’s rules.

Location & Activity Based Education.

All users start their trip planning on the map page. Here they will see your added conservation areas directly on every map for all resources and activities. This will help better educate boaters on restricted areas, improve their habits and better protect species at risk simply by keeping conservation data front and center for every user’s visit.


Manage your spots with ease.

All submitted spots will be displayed in a dashboard allowing for easy additions, edits, or deletion.  Submitters are also able to see basic analytics for each spot’s activity.


Create a team.

From a large organization?  The Yachting’s Best Marine Conservation Portal allows submitters to add team members, complete group entries, and scale submissions with ease.


Create alerts for short-term area changes.

Submitters can create alerts that appear at the top of the page to generate awareness for recommendations, short term information, warnings or dangers in areas.


Assure perfect timing, every time.

All submitted spots can have a defined “active” time range. This way, submitters don’t have to worry about managing seasonally active areas or temporary restrictions – the system will simply take care of it.


Focused on your cause.

We are grateful we get the opportunity to help your cause and want to help expand your works reach as far as possible.  To help your organization get exposure through the MCP we have created a footer section that can optionally be included on any post.  This can house organization information, details about a campaign or a link to your charity page or donation portal.


Ideas, Feedback & Bug Reporting.

Our public beta is a pre-release testing of the ecosystem.  The feedback that all users provide on bugs and usability helps us identify problems, fix them and make a better infrastructure for all boaters to use.

To submit an idea, simply click on the feedback “happy face” on the right hand side and you’ll see a feedback dialogue!


At, we love getting on the water and we’re grateful for all the amazing wildlife we often get to see when away on our boats.  To help Marine Conservation Organizations protect marine wildlife populations and spread awareness about their programs, we’ve started Yachting’s Best | Conservation.

Our goal for this not-for-profit program is to take all of the proprietary tools we have developed in-house for our for profit business ( and offer them for free to any marine focused conservation organization.  Through our customized Conservation Portal, specifically designed for this purpose, organizations will be able to map, document, amend and create alerts for areas and connect with the boating public in a way never before possible.  This should help better educate boaters on restricted areas, improve their habits and better protect species at risk.  And that’s just the start, we plan on adding features to this at the same pace as our main platform to ensure this is a useful, practical and easy to use tool for any organizations who what to participate.

We’re thrilled to offer this free service for any organization who wants to participate, we can’t wait to see the positive impact we know this program will have.

This Beta release has been a year and a half in the making and has taken a huge effort from everyone in the Yachting’s Best family!  Thank you everyone for all your hard work!


Conservation Organziations
Conservation Organziations

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